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Shanghai Food
sorted by the total cost of the meal

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The drink with a lunch sandwich at a coffee place in the French Concession

A knotted straw for Gloria's milkshake

Shanghai Uncle
Would have been higher on the expense list if we had the dinner we ordered.
After we waited for an hour, a headwaiter came by to tell us that it was late and they wouldn't be making our main course.
This was the only meal I photographed all the dishes we had. I had plenty of time.

Dinner time in Shanghai is very early - probably 7 is the peak time for reservations.
Shanghai Uncle: Sections of cold fish with crisp coating and the bones in. Shanghai Uncle: Crispy Eel Shanghai Uncle: lily flowers (I think), red and green peppers, mushrooms

Di Shui Dong

Di Shui Dong, a Hunan restaurant on Dong Ping Rd near Hengshan Rd

Songhelu Restaurant, the most prominent in the city of Suzhou, 100 km west of Shanghai..
No English spoken, but the headwaiter found a flimsy 1990 handbook
that translated many dishes and phrases so we could order.

Songhelu, in Suzhou Songhelu, in Suzhou

Xin Jishi

Xin Jishi in Xintiandi:

881 South Beauty
Elegant place, nice crowd, excellent food. A week later we went to another branch
of South Beauty in Pudong, which was also excellent but quite different.

There doesn't seem to be any push to make all the branches of the upscale restaurant chains uniform.
881 South Beauty The teapot at 881 South Beauty

T 8 Restaurant & Bar
T8: Four seafood T8 - Creamy, foamy pumpkin soup T8: Black Cod T8: Shredded Lamb in a Crust T8: The view from outside

Whampoa Club
at 3 on the Bund
At Whampoa Club we ordered the Tasting Menu. Whampoa Club Whampoa Club: The Sweets
We also ate (but have no photos) at Crystal Jade (twice) and its competitor on the same floor of a mall at Xintiandi, Ding Tai Fung; Guyi Hunan (twice); Nanxiang Mantou Dian; Wu Da Niang; a Choufan restuarant in Suzhou; and the local braised ham in Zhouzhuang. And the world's best-cooked omlettes at the Four Seasons.

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