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Shanghai Buildings

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Shanghai Buildings from before World War II

There's a Heritage Architecture plaque for every Terrace Houses This mansion in the former French Concession Jinjiang Hotel Jinjiang Hotel

Also pre-WWII: The Bund, the west bank of the HuangPu River

Gloria at The Bund Pudong Development Bank Pudong Development Bank

Post-1949 Buildings, west of the Huangpu

Post 1949 buildings west of the Huangpu river:<br> The Shanghai Exhibition Hall Itokin Apartment Entrance New buildings overshadow the old

A few of the hundreds of skyscraper office buildings More skyscrapers My favorite skyscraper in Shanghai, Tomorrow Square Tonight the garish lights of the Shanghai skyscrapers are softened by the fog. This glass brick bar is across the street from Xintiandi, <br>an upscale eating/drinking/boutique development.

Pudong, the new section east of the Huangpu

Pudong, the east side of the Huangpu River. The apartments behind have this view of Pudong's port. Jinmao Tower, back on the left, is 88 stories, China's tallest and one of Shanghai's handsomest. Jinmao Tower

The concert hall at the Oriental Art Center Pudong at night Pudong, Shanghai's Saturday Night Fireworks over the river.

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