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Shanghai Museums and Art

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Shanghai Museum
Ancient Bronzes
Decorations on a four-sided ancient bronze jar Two of the three feet of a large bowl Buffalo Lid #1 Buffalo Lid #2

Shanghai Museum
large ceramics
Fierce! Scary! Holy! #1 Holy!  #2

Shanghai Museum

The nadir of Qing dynasty furniture Closeup of the same piece The Shanghai Museum stairway is on one side, At the foot of the stairs, a visitor has found a photo opportunity.

At the Shanghai Gallery of Art,
the opening of Wang Jianwei's site-specific "DODGE"

An installation named DODGE DODGE ... includes architectural fragments in the form of a toppled skyscraper, human prototypes ... ... human prototypes ... ... the hollow and bodily interior of the toppled skyscraper ... ... resembles the architecture of the atrium inside the gallery ... ... a video installation ... ... and photography ... After a while, three sexy girls appeared to take photos of each other.

Propaganda Poster Art Centre
Big-character Posters
At the Propaganda Poster Art Centre, I saw Big Letter Posters for the first time. The photo collage, Yang said, shows one of the  walls where big-letter posters were displayed.

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