Chiang Mai
Capital of northern Thailand
January 2005

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A lovely greeter in the moat that surrounds the old city

H ppy New Yea  2005

Wat Phra Singh -or Phra Sing
One of 36 Wats, or temples, in the old city.
The main Buddha in Wat Phra Sing Sleeping Buddha A former abbot of  Wat Phra Sing

Wat Chai Mongkol
On the eastern leg of the moat
Praying - or watching the photographer Reading the prayer before releasing fish from captivity Buddhas, including unusual red, an elephant tusk, a <em>hti</em> which should be at the top of a chedi, and a photo of the king. What big teeth you have! This Wat has much modern carving, including the divider at bottom.  Detail on the next three pages. Left of the divider Center Right

Wat Lok Moli
just north of the moat
Wat Lok Moli Decoration of Wat Lok Moli Chedi, Wat Lok Moli A figure on the chedi,  Wat Lok Moli

Wat Chiang Yun -or- Chiang Yuen
also just outside of the old city, north of the moat
Yes, they're everywhere - DHL in Wat Chiang Yuen A gift package for a monk,  Wat Chiang Yuen

Wat Chiang Man
The residence of King Mengrai when he moved from Chiang Rai (Rai's city) to Chiang Mai (new city.)
Main Viharn, with tripod and strings from yesterday's ceremony Buddha behind Buddha. The Chedi, Wat Chiang Man
Max, Gloria, and elephants at the base of the chedi middle distance shot closeup Another view of the elephants, with Buddha behind

Wat Chedi Luang
at sunset
Wat Chedi Luang Buddha in a niche above a naga (serpent) staircase Wat Chedi Luang in the evening light<br> Nagas and elephants An elephant stands guard on the corner of the chedi This monk's job is to feed the dogs that hang around for a handout. There are many dogs at Wat Chedi Luang Reclining Buddha with the usual uncomfortable pillows 13 Buddhas and a vase Evening prayers by fluorescent light Gloria sits to watch the prayers,

Wat Pan Tao
After sunset
At Wat Pan Tao next door, young monks are gathered to wait for prayers to be led Guarded and waiting for prayer

At the edge of the city, Wat Jed Yod
Seven Spires Temple, just past the Super Highway
Wat Jed Yod High relief on the chedi, or stupa Relief in lotus position One more relief on the main chedi Buddhas in a cave in the chedi The seven-spired chedi that gives the wat its name Carved and gilded shutters Buddha under the bodhi tree, with lion and tiger Closeup (scroll down)

Wat Doi Suthep
The most prominent temple of northern Thailand, a half hour out of Chiang Mai, up a long and steep hill.
Entrance to Wat Doi Suthep Guarding another entrance The main chedi Buddhas in gold and emerald Bronze Buddhas in front of the chedi. Alabaster Buddhas in the museum Well fed! One of many big bells around the chedi Bell Bottom How was the spot for the Temple chosen? The Buddha relics were put on the back of an elephant, and at the spot where this elephant would stop, the Temple was to be built! Dangerous lizards! Guarding the museum A Nat Three more Nats Pouring water on or next to the flames A monk blesses

Wat Umong

Base of the chedi, Wat Umong Top of the chedi, Wat Umong Three lions and a wheel Top of the pole Relief, Wat Umong Warrior (or yaksa or maybe a deteriorated Buddha)

Et cetera

Don't know which Wat this is Rachamankha Hotel, old city, Chiang Mai Hotel Rachamankha Sunday Market Closeup of the insects on sale at the Sunday market A bus decorated with typical Thai exuberance.

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