New Year's Eve, 2004/2005
The Legend, Chiang Rai, Thailand

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The Legend Chiang Rai
Friday 31st December 2004
20:00 Hours

"Enjoy Cocktail with Kad Mua (Local Market) and Mulled Wine. Extensive Buffet with great selection of International Dishes an Amazing Grand Lanna Show, including Victory Drum, impressive Processions with 30 Actors and Dances from Thai Yai, Thai Lueh, Tai Koen and Sib Song Panna. A 7 Pieces Soft Rock Band will make you dance the night away. Attractive draw prizes and we shall lounge Hot Air Lantern in to the night sky."

Invitation The hotel did a great job decorating their plaza Two bands 20 21 28 29 30 Victory Drum 32 Victory Drum 34 51 Miss Chiang Rai? arrives She dances  64 Her procession leaves 74 77 Preparing for the drawing

At our table
Gloria and Edwina Simon is only interested in his dinner Edwina Wearing my hat at a rakish angle Wearing her head at a rakish angle

"We shall lounge Hot Air Lantern in to the night sky"
Upside-down paper bags with a fire at the open bottom Ready for liftoff On its way to the cloudy moon

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