Borneo Monkeys and Orangutans
Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary
Sabah (Borneo), Malaysia

March 2003

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Male Orangutan
Mature male orangutan - with big face pads (359x440, 93.3 kilobytes) He wants all the bananas for himself, so he holds them with his feet. discourages the pig-tailed macaques (699x500, 101.0 kilobytes)

The alpha male monkey dominates
The alpha pig-tailed Macaque - blind in his left eye (667x500, 77.0 kilobytes) hes excited and being groomed (518x500, 86.0 kilobytes) He threatens another male<br>(Later he scared off all the humans from HIS platform.) (579x500, 104.2 kilobytes) The monkey hes threatening is a long-tailed Macacque (425x500, 78.6 kilobytes) This is the female that excites him.<br>It's easy to see why. (725x500, 79.6 kilobytes)

The orangutan star of the twice-daily feeding
The star comes down from the treetop where shes been lurking. Like all stars, she attracts papparazi (780x396, 91.8 kilobytes) She strikes an irresistable pose for me. (446x500, 91.0 kilobytes)

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