Across Sabah,
the Malaysian State in northern Borneo

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Sunset at Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah
- from our room in the Hyatt Regency

Kota Kinabalu Sunset (672x500, 77.8 kilobytes)

Weekly market in Nabalu, on the way to Mt Kinabalu
Thursday is market day at Nabalu, on the road to Mt Kinabalu (667x500, 90.5 kilobytes) Betel nut was prominent in the market - and in her lips. (665x500, 93.6 kilobytes) Small local pineapples in their display case (588x500, 92.1 kilobytes) The people are Kadazan Dusan (489x500, 94.4 kilobytes) Another betel nut user.  What does she sell in the plastic bags? (603x500, 94.0 kilobytes) The Gloria admires the old style baby slings, not the new style plastic bags and bucket. (619x500, 94.6 kilobytes) Mt Kinabalu from Nabalu, before the clouds hid it at 9:30 (569x500, 81.9 kilobytes)

Mt Kinabalu Park
In the montaine forest below Mt Kinabalu. <br>We didn't hike to the top. (600x500, 95.1 kilobytes) A forest flower (784x500, 95.8 kilobytes) A begonia in the Mountain Garden, which aims to preserve the variety of local plants. (375x500, 85.3 kilobytes) An orchid that grows only on Mt Kinabalu (780x346, 92.9 kilobytes) A pitcher plant (341x500, 88.6 kilobytes) Another pitcher plant (444x500, 79.6 kilobytes)

Mt Kinabalu from the plane from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan
Mt Kinabalu from the plane taking us across Sabah to Sandakan (555x203, 60.5 kilobytes) Mt Kinabalu is famous for its craggy peak (785x500, 66.0 kilobytes)

Sandakan fish market
The Sandakan fish market has an amazing variety . . . (712x500, 95.6 kilobytes) . . . Including hammerhead sharks . . . (667x500, 89.0 kilobytes) . . . and leopard skin skates - right side up and turned over (375x500, 85.1 kilobytes) Cleaning his scale to weigh more bonito (344x500, 85.3 kilobytes)

Selingan Island, Turtle Islands National Park
We went to Selingan Island on a speedboat - a bumpy, windy, rainy ride (686x500, 80.0 kilobytes) Selingan Island is a sanctuary for sea turtles to nest and lay eggs which the rangers safeguard until they hatch.  <br>Here, though, is a crab in somebody elses shell. (649x500, 74.7 kilobytes) A huge mother turtle has struggled up the beach to build a nest and lay her eggs.  We stayed up most of the night to see the struggle. (691x500, 89.0 kilobytes) Gloria holds a stray newborn turtle: <br>Selingan Island, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. (667x500, 78.5 kilobytes)

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