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Datai Hotel, Langkawi - on the Beach Walk
Datai - on the walk thru the lowlands to the beach (607x530, 146.1 kilobytes) Beach Walk C (545x530, 102.2 kilobytes) Datai Beach Walk D (575x530, 102.1 kilobytes) Beach Walk - with Flower (599x530, 135.3 kilobytes)

On the balcony outside our room at the Datai
Eating a snack stolen from the balcony of the next room (376x530, 78.4 kilobytes) When we left fruit in a bowl near our window, the monkeys looked thru the glass and tried to open the door.  The hotel  provides sliding bolts for the doors and instructions on keeping them out of the room. (376x530, 77.9 kilobytes)

On our balcony at Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort - 2001 (783x580, 171.1 kilobytes)

Pangkor Laut Resort - Our first visit, 1999
Pangkor Laut Resort, 1999.<BR>The monkey family came at dusk to see what was left over from cocktail hour. (521x261, 42.1 kilobytes) 1999 pictures taken with a Sony FD5 , which I sold to the hotel. (638x393, 37.4 kilobytes) On a lamp - the balcony of our room at Pangkor Laut Resort, 1999 (480x640, 97.4 kilobytes) Leaving in a hurry (640x480, 57.3 kilobytes)

In the forest at Pangkor Laut Resort - 1999
This male thought I threatened his family.  He growled at me.. (493x333, 45.3 kilobytes) Monkey on rail in the forest (303x384, 35.9 kilobytes)

More monkeys: Borneo Monkeys and Orangutans - Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, Sabah (Borneo), Malaysia

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