Pangkor Laut Resort
February 2003

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We were welcomed by the Resort's peacock
February 2003 - our third trip to Pangkor Laut Resort.  We're greeted by one of the Resort's peacocks (770x432, 51.7 kilobytes) Between the Spa and the Reception are these Ocean Villas.  <br>In the background, up the elevator, are the Hill Villas. (780x451, 96.4 kilobytes)

We stayed in a newly-built Spa Villa - just beyond the buildings of the Spa itself.
Beyond the Spa proper are the Spa Villas. (667x500, 95.8 kilobytes) The view from our front porch. (770x479, 95.4 kilobytes) Here's our Spa Villa, taken from the bathroom. The front porch is to the right, the back porch with view is to the left. (737x550, 83.3 kilobytes) At the back-porch side of the bathroom is this big tub, with windows on 3 sides. (458x436, 68.1 kilobytes) Gloria enjoyed the view and the idea of being nakedly exposed, but covered up for photos. (776x401, 49.0 kilobytes) After her bath she wrapped up for coffee and a book. (429x500, 64.7 kilobytes)

A couple of views of the Spa - Albert at the bar, Gloria in the pool
Albert, one of several Burmans, was in charge of the Spa Bar, which served only health drinks. (488x500, 92.1 kilobytes) Beside the massage and other rooms, the Spa has a long pool at the ocean's edge.<br>Our villa is second from the left. (744x500, 99.5 kilobytes)

Morning clouds - at dawn, before rain
Early morning clouds, from our Spa Villa (667x500, 77.9 kilobytes) The hill on the left is on the island of Pangkor, which lies between Pangkor Laut island and the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia.  The background hills are on the mainland. (650x500, 74.2 kilobytes) 56SeascapeCloudyDawn1159 (667x500, 40.5 kilobytes) The tower on the hill is part of a generating station.  I can't identify the ship with four cranes. (655x486, 89.3 kilobytes)

More views from our Villa
The white ocean liner in the background is used for training by the Malaysian navy, which has a big base at Lumut (LooMUT), on the mainland to the left. (667x500, 44.7 kilobytes) Pre-dawn clouds on a nicer day. (375x500, 52.3 kilobytes)

The beach at Emerald Bay
We relaxed most of each day at Emerald Bay.  <br>There's a shuttle van every 10 minutes for the 3 minute trip. (770x494, 93.5 kilobytes) One of two crews filming bathing suits - two photographers, a makeup girl, a model, the boss.  They were in the sun all day without getting burned. (770x406, 96.5 kilobytes) The beach was raked clear of trash twice a day by the crew of Indian women.  On this day they had to work at it almost continually to keep up with the trash coming in from places unknown; at 4 pm, the current changed and there was very little for the rest of our stay. (504x500, 54.5 kilobytes) But we didn't move much!  I did hike to the beach four times. (698x500, 91.1 kilobytes)

Animals - starting with the (not native) peacocks
Peacocks are always impressive, even if not native. (487x550, 79.3 kilobytes) The alpha peacock stole a roll from my table before I could take his picture.  Then he kept it to himself as the other peacock and the peahen chased after him. (505x500, 90.2 kilobytes) He admired his reflection.  Wouldn't you if you had such handsome feathers? (527x550, 82.3 kilobytes) He's on the tennis court in full display.  I don't know why he kept turning away from me. (687x481, 62.9 kilobytes)

Starting a nature walk to see the native fauna & flora
Mr. Yip led a daily lecture and hike through the virgin rain forest.<br>He has published a beautiful detailed book about the nature at Pangkor Laut Island.  He doesn't bother with an umbrella because he gets soaked with sweat climbing up the trail. (715x550, 94.4 kilobytes)

Sand Crab designs at Emerald Bay
Yip's hike ends at Emerald Bay for ice water, the beach, and entertainment by the sand crabs. (797x500, 94.4 kilobytes) The crabs extract food that grows in the sand, and expell the sand in strange patterns. (717x550, 90.9 kilobytes) The patterns seem to be unique to each crab. (733x550, 70.6 kilobytes) Further down the beach, the crabs make these rings. (375x550, 88.2 kilobytes)

Hornbills are the most spectacular native birds at Pangkor Laut (800x512, 88.8 kilobytes) They come to the trees to find ripe berries . . . (483x550, 45.8 kilobytes) . . . but their big bills get in the way.  The bills are useful for digging for insects in the trees. (395x368, 87.0 kilobytes)

Tree Snakes
A little green tree snake.  It won't stir until the next rain. (458x232, 67.2 kilobytes) I spotted this Princess Tree Snake in the bushes at the Spa at Pangkor Laut Resort. (667x500, 107.9 kilobytes) A security man came to remove the snake. (770x449, 101.1 kilobytes) He used these extension tongs . . . (520x305, 91.6 kilobytes) and put the Princess Snake into a plastic box to take to the wilds. (770x507, 92.4 kilobytes)

More nature
One of many handsome Gars - about a meter long.  They move very slowly - but are very quick when they're after a little fish to eat. (713x420, 30.4 kilobytes) Yip pointed out this tree with fruit growing directly on the trunk. (733x550, 85.8 kilobytes) A stump in the rain forest at Pangkor Laut.  Trees don't have annual rings because there's no cold season.  Why does this look like rings? (717x500, 99.2 kilobytes)

After two weeks, it was time to leave.
The jetty (770x509, 85.5 kilobytes) All boats leave from this jetty.  This nice big one isn't ours! (770x432, 56.9 kilobytes)

Gloria waits for our departure boat.  Behind her is the main office; above and behind that are the hill villas, where we stayed on our first two visits. (685x500, 87.3 kilobytes) Gloria and Max Buten are relaxed and well tanned as they leave Pangkor Laut Resort. (729x500, 86.1 kilobytes)

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