Pangkor Laut Resort

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"One Island - One Resort"

"Not far off the beaten path lies an exclusive private island at one with nature. Pangkor Laut's 300 acres encompass lush rainforest and a coastal fringe of palm trees, rocky headlands and sweeping bays. Discovered over 600 years ago off the West Coast of Malaysia, she is known to navigators worldwide as an idyllic mooring with fair winds, calm seas and a tropical climate that lasts year roung. Covered by an unharvested rainforest over 2 million years old, Pangkor Laut is dotted with little coves over white sand beaches and has one spectacular bay of astounding beauty with a beach listed amonth the world's best."

The approach from Lumut to Pangkor Laut
Since all access is by boat, the resort has this office at the port town of Lumut. (669x550, 97.3 kilobytes) The boat took us from Lumut around Pangkor Island to Pangkor Laut Island, where we could see the mountain villas as we approached.  Laut means We rode past the . . .  built on stilts above the water. (756x550, 91.2 kilobytes) A view of the sea villas from the start of the walkway. (780x454, 86.5 kilobytes)

The grand entrance | Some of the nice decor | looking up at our villa
Grand Entrance (736x550, 78.9 kilobytes) The main area was well decorated (707x530, 105.9 kilobytes) Up there is our villa, no. 351, just at the start of the trail to Emerald Bay.   (398x530, 82.5 kilobytes)

Scenes from our villa
Pangkor Laut harbor, and Pangkor across the strait. (699x520, 92.8 kilobytes) Other mountain villas.  Below is the main building, with two good restaurants and one of several pools. (707x530, 82.4 kilobytes) Thru the railing of our villa we could see some of the big rocks, and a road to the fancy houses at Marina Bay. (536x530, 88.6 kilobytes) Lamp on our deck (395x550, 90.9 kilobytes)

Emerald Bay beach is on the other (ocean) side of the island
A big and undcrowded beach.  There's a van to take you, or you can walk thru the rainforest. (707x530, 92.1 kilobytes) Gloria sat under the trees (707x530, 83.0 kilobytes) Not everyone hid from the sun! (398x530, 72.8 kilobytes)

A nice lunch was nicely served (707x530, 94.4 kilobytes) The bay is flanked by rocks, which protect the beach. (710x530, 92.7 kilobytes) Fishermen on one end of the beach. (746x530, 93.2 kilobytes)

The sand crabs on the beach make patterns with what they dig up.
The crabs dig up some sand, suck out whatever is live, and pile up pellets of leftover sand. (796x530, 94.9 kilobytes) This crab's refuse makes a pattern (681x530, 99.6 kilobytes) While this crab, closer to the ocean, made a pile that looks like a coil of rope. (677x530, 87.6 kilobytes)

We took a day trip to the Sembilan Islands, 27 km south.
This Ira and Moni were the only other passengers.  She likes to fish, as did the four crew. (536x550, 95.7 kilobytes) Moni caught a beautifully silvery bonito. (780x502, 98.5 kilobytes) Fresh caught bonito!  We had one for dinner that night. (658x463, 100.4 kilobytes) Lunch was served on our Sembilan trip.  The crew caught two barracudas.  I was brave enough to pose with this one - after I was sure it had stopped thrashing.   (658x550, 94.4 kilobytes) The baracuda is a meter long, with teeth obviously designed to take a piece out of you.  The crew kept the bait bucket betwen them and the baracuda, which they caught using a live bonito as bait.. (770x475, 99.0 kilobytes) The Malaysian naval flag.  There are 14 states in Malaysia, as you can see. (707x530, 93.3 kilobytes)

There are plenty of Hornbills, a spectacular bird.
Four hornbills on the beach.  Note the beak! (540x399, 93.9 kilobytes) The same four hornbills (588x364, 90.6 kilobytes) How many hornbills are there in the tree? (435x384, 85.0 kilobytes)

Other wildlife in the rain forest
Ants march anywhere in the A rainforest flower.  See the Pangkor Laut monkeys on the Monkey page. (735x530, 59.0 kilobytes)

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