Melaka (formerly Malacca)

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Cheng Hoon Teng Temple "was built in 1645, although there were later additions in 1704 and 1804. . . . All the materials used in the original building were imported from China as werre the craftsmen who built it in typical South Chinese style. The elaborate tiled roofs are decorated with mythological figures, flowers and birds, and inside there are woodcarvings and lacquer work. . . ." - Footprint Malaysia Handbook

Cheng Hoon Teng temple - the tile roof  (843x550, 93.9 kilobytes) Cheng Hoon Teng temple - roof warriors (624x462, 84.7 kilobytes) Cheng Hoon Teng temple - deer and phoenix (678x330, 98.1 kilobytes)
Cheng Hoon Teng Temple - the front (773x580, 332.0 kilobytes) Cheng Hoon Teng - incense burns in front of the altar (707x530, 98.8 kilobytes) Cheng Hoon Teng temple - a watchman? waiting to ring the bell? just resting? (372x530, 96.8 kilobytes)

A Funeral
The mourners have marched around the coffin and a table of food in the funeral parlor, which is open to a street otherwise lined with sheet metal works. Now they accompany the body to the cemetary.
Funeral procession - the man with drooping cigarette has been hanging around outside the funeral parlour.  Now he's at the head of the procession, before the band. (1600x1200, 404.8 kilobytes) Funeral procession - the hearse (1600x1200, 411.4 kilobytes) Funeral procession - the casket and burial supplies (1600x1200, 428.0 kilobytes) Funeral - the mourners, in black and white, follow. (1600x1200, 398.8 kilobytes)

The Junker Ristoran has interesting artifacts. Wish it had better food.
Junker Ristoran - we didn't need this highchair (391x530, 94.0 kilobytes) Junker Ristoran - this fountain no longer operates.<br><font size -1>The fountain is in a semi-open courtyard  between the front and back parts of the building.  The front room was a souvenir shop; behind it the restaurant; then the kitchen where the cook made himself a nice fish; we had an undistinguished sampler platter which included a cold, chewy slice of omlette. (707x530, 113.2 kilobytes)

More Chinatown Scenes
On Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, the main street of Chinatown, a wreck of a building. (754x530, 113.1 kilobytes) A stage, set up on a street corner for a performance on the 17th (707x530, 110.3 kilobytes) A stone warrior in the Hindu temple (259x530, 57.1 kilobytes)

Elsewhere in Melaka
In the river that divides the city and formed its harbor, these big lizards are relied on to keep the water clean. (772x530, 101.5 kilobytes) The water doesn't look like they do a good job. (401x530, 91.9 kilobytes) Plaque in honor of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, 1897.  Not as opulent as the clock tower built in her honor in Georgetown, since Melaka was no longer the center of action. (612x1158, 602.3 kilobytes) But there was still an English upper class, who built this Malacca Club.  Now it's the Merdeka (independence) Memorial, a museum.  The exhibits are mostly about Malaysia's 40-year fight with the communists.  Too political for me. (690x530, 103.2 kilobytes) Commercial Melaka.  The view from our hotel room.  The six stairstep buildings are an ocean-side hotel. (413x550, 83.6 kilobytes) Is this trishaw for passengers or for show?  He's napping in the heart of the tourist district. (398x530, 91.8 kilobytes)

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