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Religious Buildings
Hindu Temples

A gilded Buddha in the Burmese Temple (398x530, 99.3 kilobytes) Buddha closeup, with hands (651x527, 96.9 kilobytes) A lion outside the Burmese temple (369x530, 77.0 kilobytes) In the temple across the street is this Buddha with a sign  Sri Mariamann Hindu Temple <br> with ornate roof. (733x550, 89.2 kilobytes)

Kek Lok Si Temple
The Pagoda of 10000 Buddhas

Kek Lok Si - the pagoda and a lightpost of lanterns (293x550, 68.9 kilobytes) Kek Lok Si - the approach to the pagoda (398x530, 84.2 kilobytes) Kek Lok Si - Ban Po, the Pagoda of a Thousand Buddhas (398x530, 93.0 kilobytes) Kek Lok Si - the Pagoda of a Thousand Buddhas<br>From the bottom, it's Chinese, Thai-Buddhist, and Burmese. (397x530, 87.7 kilobytes) Many of the 1000 Buddhas are tiled on the walls of the pagoda stairway. (707x530, 85.4 kilobytes)

Temple of Bodhisattvas - interior
Bodhisattva (707x530, 98.6 kilobytes) Bodhisattva and Buddha (639x530, 96.4 kilobytes) Ivory Birds (610x530, 68.9 kilobytes) Stone Warrior (398x530, 91.4 kilobytes)

Outside at Kek Lok Si
Max poses, but doesn't make a convincing Buddha. (770x452, 90.9 kilobytes) One of the temples at Kek Lok Si is the Hall of Devas. (645x530, 84.4 kilobytes) In the distance is the Komtar tower, 58 stories with mall and bus terminal below.  We stayed in the hotel next door, which connected directly to the mall. (345x530, 90.5 kilobytes)

Khoo Kongsi
Chinese clan house

Khoo Kongsi <br>Dragon Mountain Hall (751x530, 82.8 kilobytes) Khoo Kongsi Roof Decoration (503x530, 99.7 kilobytes) Khoo Kongsi Roof Ornament (491x530, 91.3 kilobytes) Khoo Kongsi <br>Roof Peak (429x530, 95.0 kilobytes) Khoo Kongsi <br>Gilt Ceiling of the Dragon Mountain Hall (707x530, 88.8 kilobytes) Khoo Kongsi <br> Dragon Mountain Hall was closed for repairs, but we could see the Ceiling Beams (398x530, 82.3 kilobytes) This guard tended the construction scaffolding (398x530, 93.4 kilobytes) Gloria tended the lion that helps the guard.   (671x530, 99.9 kilobytes) Khoo Kongsi <br> another building has this stage (745x530, 92.7 kilobytes) KhooKongsi <br> a third building is a mixture of Georgian and Chinese. (398x530, 70.3 kilobytes) Khoo Kongsi <br>Clothes hang in the entrance street. (770x514, 75.4 kilobytes) Khoo Konsi<br>Main entrance street, with various kinds of transport (438x509, 88.8 kilobytes)

Another Kongsi
Kong Si Front (637x530, 88.4 kilobytes) Kong Si Altar (733x550, 99.7 kilobytes) Kong Si <br> Memorials to the ancestors (717x530, 91.6 kilobytes) Kong Si<br>The door is left open so we can see the boxes of Fujino drinking water? (398x530, 96.5 kilobytes)

Other Buildings in the city of Georgetown
Redone -

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion<br>The century-old servants quarters are being renovated from roominghouse to Home Stay to raise funds to maintain the main part of the mansion.<br>The modern apartment house behind has probably replaced a fine house like this one. (398x530, 99.6 kilobytes) Cheong Fatt Tze<br>No cameras allowed inside, so just this picture of the cornice, showing some of the mosaic work, all made from (intentionally) broken dishes. (398x530, 93.8 kilobytes) Penang Clock Tower<br> In honor of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (339x550, 85.5 kilobytes) Eastern & Oriental Hotel<br>Not quite open yet, but we were taken for a little tour by a manager in a dark suit.  The lobby is all new wood, built to the original plan. (705x550, 86.3 kilobytes)

- or not
Chow Chung Branch School<br>is available. (756x536, 86.1 kilobytes) This Rooming House on Chulia Street must have been elegant once. (361x530, 80.7 kilobytes) Commercial District Row Houses - stores on the ground floor, with apartments above. (756x454, 89.9 kilobytes)

Penang, outside Georgetown
Batu Ferringhi

We went to the beach at Batu Ferringhi.  It didn't compare to Pangkor Laut nor to Langkawi.  The ocean was rough, so the water sports people spend the day feeding the birds. (663x530, 90.2 kilobytes) Batu Ferringhi <br> This bird preferred the food left by the sunbathers at the pool. (287x407, 56.4 kilobytes)

Penang Hill
Penang Hill is high and cool.  Access by this funicular. (366x530, 82.0 kilobytes) The funicular at Penang Hill is as steep as it looks. (270x510, 83.6 kilobytes) Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  On to Langkawi! (746x421, 93.2 kilobytes)

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