Phuket, Thailand

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Waiting at Chalong Bay
The speedboat from Koh Racha didn't wait for us as we'd asked, so we had to wait for the next trip.
Chalong Pier Gloria at lunch while we wait. Fish drying in a plastic bowl

Marina Phuket Resort

Marina Phuket Resort Oceanfront rooms A bush at the beautifully planted Marina Phuket Resort Orchids 20th Anniversary Staff Party Gloria with the boys

Fishermen on Karon Beach

Net fishing on Karon beach Line fishing on the rocks at the end of the beach

Karon Beach
We were there until two days before the tsunami.
Karon Beach, from our room Early morning On the left, swimming.  Parasailing, banana boats, skiing  - to the right.

Morning walk - 1 Morning walk - 2 Morning walk -  3

Karon beach in full swing, December 23d, 2004 Karon Beach, three days later Karon Beach, two weeks after the tsunami

Nearly Nude
Thais wear shirts and pants on the beach and in the water. Tourists don't.
Look at that! Look at them! You can just see our room in the upper left corner!

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