The capital of Thailand

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The Chao Praya river, Bangkok's best route, by day and by night
Panorama from the 15th Floor of the Peninsula Hotel Chao Praya at night

Dinner in the Peninsula Hotel, at the river's edge
Gloria at dinner next to the river Gloria with new apartment house, Christmas season in Bangkok

On the Chao Praya river

One of The Peninsula's fleet of ferries Max and Gloria on The Peninsula's ferry The Peninsula in the background

Chao Praya at Night

The Peninsula's boats are brightly lit - A dinner boat on the river Another dinner boat

The Peninsula Hotel

The Peninsula Bangkok The Peninsula at dusk, from their ferry Peninsula at night, from their Thai restaurant at river's edge.

On the Market in Bangkok

Balls of ground pork, wrapped in thin noodles and deep fried At a shop in Chinatown Orchids at the flower market at the edge of Chinatown Stitching flowers together to make the garland that is proper for Buddha at the current season. AMARIN ...  ... DHIRAJA

Wat Po - The Reclining Buddha
Also called Wat Pho. Officially it's Wat Phra Chetuphon
The Reclining Buddha at Wat Po On the feet of every Reclining Buddha ... Head and face of the Buddha, reclining on a pillow Back of the head of the Buddha, with pillows that look very uncomfortable There are statues and chapels around/below the Reclining Buddha. Gloria at another chapel of Wat Po

Wat Po - Other Buddhas

Phra Buddha Deva Patimakorn Closeup Buddha under the Naga's Hood Staff lunchroom, with Buddhas

Wat Po - Buildings, Details, and Statues

One of the stupas that encircle the main temple Tiled tower Nine towers Chinese guards Tile work Max with ballast The lion guards the entrance to the wall surrounding the main chapel

Wat Rajaburana

A modern wat next to the flower market and Chinatown Wat Rajaburana Rajaburana Closeup

Wat Rakhang, the "bell" wat

Wat Rakhang is known for its bells Bell and Stupa Wat Rakhang

Presents for the Monks

Presents for the monks Monks at Wat Po with their presents

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