Koh Racha    ( Raya Island )
just south of Phuket, Thailand

December 2004, 10 days before the tsunami

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The best map of Koh Racha

Rooms at The Racha
Tsunami report: no lives lost, but they're closed until "the second half of 2005."
Hotel information - or if you want to be dazzled (rather than informed), here.

The best room at The Racha, with pool and full view of the bay Our room, 208.  Big, good view, modern spare design The outdoor shower and  indoor tub

Batok Bay, the beach at The Racha
On the west side of Koh Racha
Batok Beach.  The white buildings are The Racha The beach Many daytrippers visit Batok Beach. Commercial part of the beach, with Raya Bungalows behind

Breakfast at The Racha

Gloria at breakfast at The Racha Looks like Gloria has finished breakfast

Siam Beach
On the north side of Koh Racha
Over the hill from Batok is big, beautiful and uncrowded Siam Beach Siam Beach has places to stay, eat, buy souvenirs, and relax Siam Beach is never crowded Empty Siam Beach Siam Beach, from the other end Phuket in the distance Long tail boats wait A speedboat has come to look at Siam beach The rocky end of Siam Beach

Ban Raya Resort, Kon Kare Bay
On the East side of Koh Racha
Ban Raya Resort, behind rows of coconut palms The rocky beach at Ban Raya, with good diving a few meters offshore This boat brought a full load of supplies to Ban Raya Underwater on the rocks at Ban Raya

Elsewhere on Koh Racha Yai

Remains of a shack in a plantation in the middle of the island The mascot of Raya Bungalow

Gloria and Max

Gloria at lunch in Bamboo restaurant, Siam Beach Waiting for lunch at Bamboo Posing Max drank Singha beer, not gin sling On The Racha's speedboat from Phuket

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