A Day on the Ayeyarwady River
On the express boat from Mandalay to Bagan,
in Myanmar (Burma)

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The local boat also leaves before dawn

Waiting on the slow boat, before dawn Our searchlight is on, we give a few beeps of the horn and we leave

Along the peaceful Ayeyarwady

Pre-dawn fog The sun rises over a pagoda Down to the river to wash, play, and fill the water buckets Midday peace on the Ayeyarwady

Boats on the Ayeyarwady

A combination ferry and cargo ship heads upstream Drydocked on a sandbar until the rainy season. Canoe men meet in midriver Sailing upstream on the Ayeyarwady

Barges loaded with teak logs

Two barges of big teak logs Even bigger teak logs on this barge

We Stop in Myinmu

As we stop in Myinmu, we're beseiged by food vendors Myinmu Vendors in waist-deep water

Second Stop: Pakokku

Our second stop, Pakokku At Pakokku they are selling cloth Pakokku is a busy port

Finally, Bagan
After about 11 hours on the boat
Our first glimpse of Bagan Bagan temples, from the boat We climb up the river bank

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