Bagan   ( Pagan )
Myanmar   ( Burma )

Bagan has about 2000 buildings remaining from 1057-1287 a.d. The condition of them varies widely, from "like new" -to crumbling brick piles to rebuilt almost from scratch -to cheaply patched after the earthquake of 1975.
Here are pictures of some of the most interesting.

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Ananda Phaya
Ananda Ananda Ananda in the evening sun, from Shwegugyi Ananda's towers in the evening Ananda Ananda Ananda Ananda has 4 tall standing Buddhas Ananda Ananda

DhammayanGyi Temple

DhammayanGyi Temple Dhammayangyi DhammayanGyi DhammayanGyi

GawDawPalin GawDawPalin GawDawPalin GawDawPalin GawDawPalin from ShweGuGyi GawDawPalin

MahaBodhi Temple
Modeled after a temple in Bihar, India
MahaBodhi MahaBodhi MahaBodhi MahaBodhi

ShweGuGyi ShweGuGyi and ThatByinNyu behind it ShweGuGyi Shwegugyi ShweGuGyi ShweGuGyi Shwegugyi ThatByInNyu, the nearby bigger temple, from ShweGuGyi A The sun sets over the Archeological Museum, the Ayeyarwady river, and the mountains behind.   FromShwegugyi

Shwezigon Zedi
A short history of this pagoda
Shwezigon Shwezigon Shwezigon Shwezigon Shwezigon Shwezigon Shwezigon

ThatByInNyu Temple
The tallest building in Bagan, 201 ft.
ThatByInNyu ThatByInNyu ThatByInNyu Monks with begging bowls stop to pray in ThatByInNyu as they go about their daily rounds for food. ThatByInNyu

And more temples and stupas . . .
Atwin Zigon , I think. Bupaya Pagoda Gubyakgyi - maybe

Htilominlo A modern Buddha framed by modern stucco in Htilomino Ancient fresco in either Htilominlo or UPaliThein

Manuha Phaya Manuha GuPhaya Manuha Phaya

The roof of MimaLaungKyaung Monastery on Bagan-Nyaung U Road Archeological Museum Nanpaya ShinBinThalYaung Shwesandaw ThanDawGyi ThanDawgyi I don't know which temple this is.

And finally -

Near ThatByInNyu Our carriage (no. 71 on the side), its driver Suuu Win, and his horse, ShuShu View from the back porch of our room

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