Pictures and commentary on our visit to Siem Reap and Angkor in early February, 2002.

Some thoughts on Angkor, the Sofitel, flying, costs

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Angkor Wat
AngkorWat10FirstView8646 (656x492, 78.5 kilobytes) AngkorWat20Entrance8659 (369x492, 53.2 kilobytes) AngkorWat40ReadingInSWTower8662 (272x492, 61.0 kilobytes) AngkorWathttpWwwPecovnikComSlashTajskaSlashindex_engHtm (399x600, 75.7 kilobytes) AngkorWatTheravadaBuddhasMainTower8663 (353x492, 80.4 kilobytes) AngkorWatVishnu8661 (366x492, 83.8 kilobytes)

Angkor Thom
AngkorThomEntranceHead8647-492 (369x492, 99.3 kilobytes)

Bakong20WestGopura8684-492 (656x492, 101.9 kilobytes) Bakong30Schoolgirls8683 (672x492, 81.5 kilobytes) Bakong35Doorway8682-492 (369x492, 91.4 kilobytes) Bakong40OldTempleNewWat8687-492 (371x492, 99.8 kilobytes) Bakong50NewWatPorch8686-492 (671x492, 93.8 kilobytes)

Bantea Kdei
BanteaKdei10EastGopura8697 (427x492, 98.4 kilobytes) BanteaKdei20EastGopuraSouth8703 (369x492, 86.7 kilobytes) BanteaKdei30Devata8699 (369x492, 86.1 kilobytes) BanteaKdei40BasRelief8702 (369x492, 86.6 kilobytes) BanteaKdeiProppedUpDoorway8701 (369x492, 99.7 kilobytes)

Bantea Samre
BanteaSamreTermiteHill8690-492 (357x492, 85.5 kilobytes)

Bantea Srei
BanteaySrei01Overall8678 (656x492, 98.9 kilobytes) BanteaySreiDragonHead8679 (656x492, 88.2 kilobytes) BanteaySreiLibrary8680 (369x492, 93.7 kilobytes) BanteaySreiNarasimbaHiranyakasipu8676 (369x492, 85.2 kilobytes)

Bayon10Tower8651 (368x490, 84.4 kilobytes) Bayon20TowersRoofStones8652 (369x492, 95.7 kilobytes) Bayon30DevataRelief8656 (368x490, 99.1 kilobytes) Bayon40DevataGraffiti8655 (337x492, 84.7 kilobytes)

East Mebon
EastMebonGloriaClimb8692 (369x492, 91.8 kilobytes) EastMebonGuardianLion8693 (369x492, 82.4 kilobytes) EastMebonMaxElephant8694 (395x492, 98.1 kilobytes)

Elephant Terrace
ElephantTerraceGarudaOne8688 (331x492, 90.1 kilobytes) ElephantTerraceGarudas8657 (656x492, 90.0 kilobytes) ElephantTerraceNagaFiveHeads8689 (353x492, 102.4 kilobytes)

Preah Khan
PreahKhan10TreeOnRoof8673 (656x492, 90.3 kilobytes) PreahKhan20MaxLionPorchTrees8675 (656x492, 105.2 kilobytes) PreahKhan30Devata8672-492 (369x492, 83.5 kilobytes)

Ta Prohm
TaProhmBrokenRelief8667-492 (656x492, 93.8 kilobytes) TaProhmTree8665-492 (369x492, 81.2 kilobytes)

Local Election, Sunday Feb 3, 2002
zElectionVote01Instructions8722-492 (244x492, 55.8 kilobytes) zElectionVote02Instructions8723-492 (656x492, 99.1 kilobytes) zElectionVote03Seal8725-492 (514x492, 90.9 kilobytes) zElectionVote40CPP8718-492 (800x244, 53.8 kilobytes) zElectionVote50CppLogo8717-492 (481x492, 59.3 kilobytes)

Guidebook - Map - Weekly Pass
zzAncientAngkor8719-492 (347x492, 80.8 kilobytes) zzAncientAngkor8720-492 (668x492, 80.5 kilobytes) zzAngkorPass8711-492 (709x492, 97.8 kilobytes)

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