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Shanghai Street and River Scenes

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On the street

Fireplug-on-the-Bund Pajamas: street wear while waiting for a bus. Some of the crowd on Shanghai's main pedestrian shopping street, Nanjing Lu Some people haven't gotten a share of Shanghai's wealth

Nighttime under the highway

Night Under the Highway Overpass A couple with a load of used lumber.

On the Buildings

Infrastructure in front of Spin Ceramics

<a href=Many apartments have these stencils: a chinese character or two plus a phone number. A step up from stencils are stickers like this.

Repairs on the Huangpu, Shanghai's River

Docked (and looking abandoned) in Pudong The Victoria, registered in Nassau, was in for repair.

"The World"
A luxury cruise ship condominium.
"Travel <em>The World</em> without leaving home" You can stay at

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