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The "Old City" of Shanghai

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Cixiu Nunnery

Cixiu Nunnery, Old Town Shanghai Cixiu Nunnery

White Cloud Taoist Temple
An informative web site
White Cloud Taoist Temple, Old Town, Shanghai White Cloud Taoist Temple

On the street: Dajing Lu, a shopping street
Some parts of the Old City aren't improved like the rest of Shanghai
He's put down his bundles on Dajing Lu, an old-style shopping street in the On Dajing Lu, jars and a window closed with cut stones

Yu Garden
In the heart of "The Old City" of Shanghai
Official web site (in Chinese but with some pictures, including a panorama)

Yu Garden, in Yu Garden Yu Garden Doorways in Chinese Gardens are designed to frame the view. Yu Garden Gift Shop The karst is decorated with bamboo, grass ... and a mop

Roof Decorations at Yu Garden

Yu Garden Roof Decoration #1 Yu Garden Roof Decoration #2 Yu Garden Roof Decoration #3 Yu Garden Roof Decoration #4

A scene in Fuxing Park

Fuxing Park, created by the French in their Concession, <br>west of the

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