The Datai, Langkawi

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The Datai, a splendid resort in Langkawi, Malaysia
Max and Gloria at the entrance (1600x1200, 416.1 kilobytes) Our high room faced the rain forest on one side and the pool on the other.  Earlier in the day, in the sun, the umbrellas were unfurled and the chairs occupied. (1600x1200, 419.2 kilobytes) The pool area was nicely lit at night. (1600x1200, 405.9 kilobytes)

Our Room
Beside a huge bed, two-sink bathroom, desk, refrigerator, and coffee maker, we also had this lanai, with two couches.  I'm in the picture to give a sense of scale. (1470x1142, 376.4 kilobytes) Max on the balcony. (1522x1035, 310.4 kilobytes) Every day the turn-down maid brought fresh fruit and also an orchid and a card explaining it.  Here's four days worth. (1600x1200, 409.6 kilobytes)

We pause on our way down . . .
Compulsively, I counted 208 steps down to the beach, and 208 back up.  We must be on the way down, since we're cheerful and upright.  Or you can get a ride on a golf cart. (1600x1200, 391.2 kilobytes)

. . . to The Beach
The beach is both long and wide (1600x1200, 395.6 kilobytes) We spent most days on two of the chaises under the trees at the edge of the beach. (1600x1200, 382.2 kilobytes) One morning was heavy with low clouds.  They blew away. (1600x1200, 370.6 kilobytes) The view from above.  The house is visible in the background of the other pictures.  I don't know whose it is - the guard wouldn't tell me. (1600x1200, 421.8 kilobytes) Waiter service on the beach (1596x1060, 429.1 kilobytes) For the water, there are sailboats, rubber motorboats, and a yacht.  We brought our own navy. (1200x1600, 385.9 kilobytes) Gloria afloat.  We'll rent you the float; the hotel will rent you the yacht. (1600x1200, 375.7 kilobytes)

Fauna on and near the beach
Butterflies eating the beach detrius (1600x1200, 436.2 kilobytes) Another butterfly (1600x1200, 438.9 kilobytes) Family dinner on the beach. (1600x1200, 418.5 kilobytes) A blue-tongued lizard among the leaves (1266x828, 798.7 kilobytes) Looking for a handout on the bridge across the lowlands.  This fellow and some of his friends are also on the monkey page. (631x530, 164.1 kilobytes)

The Rain Forest
The biggest and most important tree is the strangler fig, which grows around a big tree and smothers it.  They fruit at various times thru the year, so there's always food for the animals and birds.  We saw pigeons, squirrels, and hornbills eating at this one. (1600x1200, 392.9 kilobytes) The road (and the hotel) are newish.  Cutting into the rainforest brings sun, which leads to an increase in the variety of plants that grow.  Sun on its trunk though, has killed this big tree. (287x528, 74.2 kilobytes)

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