Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi

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Tanjung Rhu = Casuarina Cape.
The casuarina is a pine-like tree that grows on the beach
The Tanjung Rhu Hotel is on the near side of the river, below and to the left of the tower.  Picture taken from Gunung Raya, Lankawi's highest mountain at 2800 ft. (770x424, 190.9 kilobytes) The tower behind the hotel is radar, scanning the Strait of Malacca for pirates. (1600x1200, 392.0 kilobytes) Tanjung Rhu Hotel (1600x1200, 375.5 kilobytes)

The Beach at Tanjung Rhu
Beach, chairs, umbrellas, scenery, sun, fruit served every afternoon, put up a flag when you want a drink. (1102x1051, 194.9 kilobytes) Here we are on the beach, squinting into the sun (1276x990, 854.5 kilobytes) Gloria in front of the nearest hill, at the far end of the beach, about 1 km from the hotel (1200x1600, 428.7 kilobytes) A Sand Dollar, plentiful on the beach - or is it a Sand Euro? (1600x1200, 347.0 kilobytes) Each evening the umbrellas are furled obscenely.  The chair mats are stacked neatly but not covered, so when it rains they're too soaked to sit on. (770x514, 95.6 kilobytes) Late in the day, tables are set up on the beach for dinner. (615x530, 97.4 kilobytes) A romantic dinner on the beach (384x530, 103.2 kilobytes)

A Mangrove Tour
Patrick leads this British couple and us on the Mangrove Tour.  We took a boat up the tidal stream to where the mangroves grow in salt water. (1181x894, 683.4 kilobytes) Both Patrick and the guide at the Datai told us of these leaves that have a clotting agent, an astringent, and antiseptic alcohol in their sap.  When Gloria cuts her ankle, he finds another leaf and squeezes some sap on it.  Instant cure! (1600x1200, 424.7 kilobytes)

The Art of Sirih
In the internal garden of the hotel, there's a weekly demonstration and sample of Sirih, which is Malay for betel nut. (1600x1200, 439.7 kilobytes) I can't miss the opportunity to learn how to make a quid of betel nut, so I sit down with two experts and a translator. (1600x1200, 422.8 kilobytes) Vile tasting stuff.  Numbs the tongue and leaves it bright red, even after two brushings and 3 1/2 hours. (1200x1600, 394.6 kilobytes)

Sunrise on the beach
Sunrise - Boat Island (504x580, 73.0 kilobytes) Two Islands (435x580, 62.3 kilobytes) Sunrise - Three Islands (770x343, 81.2 kilobytes) Sunrise - Three Islands.  Thailand is in the background. (780x423, 83.2 kilobytes) A little later, the island are sunlit, while the beach is still shaded. (1560x948, 885.5 kilobytes) Sunrise is just hitting the hills to the west. (770x570, 84.9 kilobytes) Sun clouds hills (421x580, 73.2 kilobytes)

The dead-calm ocean
Gloria in the ocean at high tide (1600x1200, 369.2 kilobytes) At low tide you can walk on water all the way to the island. (818x1198, 41.2 kilobytes)

As the ocean twinkles in the late sun, a fishing boat passes (1600x1200, 350.1 kilobytes) A bright sunset cloud behind the three islands (780x559, 82.8 kilobytes) Reflected clouds at the end of Turtle Island (418x570, 92.8 kilobytes) Ocean Sunset (1121x1546, 665.2 kilobytes) Ocean sunset at the water's edge (1600x1200, 411.9 kilobytes) Ocean Sunset with waves (580x580, 96.0 kilobytes) The sun becomes orange . . . (832x580, 103.0 kilobytes) . . .  and then red (580x580, 81.5 kilobytes) The last red clouds (435x580, 89.6 kilobytes) And the last sun over Thailand in the north (768x580, 89.7 kilobytes)

Two final pictures
Right in the middle of the picture is one of the hornbills on Gunung Raya mountain.  We could see the hornbill pluck a fig in the tip of his bill and then roost where he could tip his head back and let the fig slide down his mouth and gullet. (1600x1200, 370.9 kilobytes) I close with a description of Your Modest Author. (1600x1200, 415.2 kilobytes)

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