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The Streets of Cairo
Downtown and in the western suburbs

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Fruit and Vegetables on the Sidewalk

A fruit stand on the highway in Giza Vegetables - near Giza and Saqqara A few baskets squeezed onto the city street A trailer with vegetables Fruit stall on the edge of the sidewalk, with lights, political poster, and four policemen

Sidewalk Bread Vendors

Fancy bread, near Saqqara Ordinary (pita) bread on the street Puffy Pita Bread delivery man, going back for more

More stuff for sale

Would you buy from this peddler? Money is more popular than goods today At the entrance to the Metro Streetcorner clothing and more Is his clothing Made In Indonesia? Reclaimed and for sale Cute camels

Eating and Smoking

Eating at a Seated dining A newspaper protects him from the curb A tiny place for an after-lunch sheesha

Interesting Stores and Stoves

Fruit in a real store - with sign, lights, walls. Telephones and telephone calls Cooking french fries for the restaurant inside. Making ta'amiya (Egyptian version of felafel): <br>grab some mix, dunk it in the crust, throw it in the boiling fat.

Women Walking

Almost all women on Cairo streets have their heads covered Women dress well, and cover their heads Bag in hand, bag on head

Men working

Man at work A lawnmower in the grass-less city Painting the lamp post


Trashman #1 Trashman #2

The traffic: bus, cars, steps

An overstuffed bus, stuck in the awful Cairo traffic Typical impatient Cairo driver.  Remember that  traffic is supposed to keep right! Even the antenna is protected from the universal dirt. An impromptu step to help climb the curb


I think this could be called composite construction Antenna lineup Covering a store while it's under construction Pseudo-ancient princess Hyatt hotel shopping center facing the Nile, Roda island A corner of the Mohammed Ali Mosque

et cetera

Outside an internet cafe Sign in an internet cafe Christmas cake at  the Four Seasons

The omnipresent police

The ubiquitous police Explosive-sniffing dog on the bridge to Roda island So many police, so little to do Traffic is stopped while the riot police assemble A final memory of Egypt.<br>I didn't think the riot police were scary, but the camera shows that my nerves made me shake.

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