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Four Seasons Resort, Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
A week of luxury

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An oasis in the Sinai Desert

As green as desalinated water can make the desert Flowers and palms surround the rooms, the three pools . . . . . . and the multi-level beach An egret stalks the hedge bordering our beach area Past the Four Seasons' greeery is the desert, with many hotels on the cliffs over the Gulf of Aqaba.

The buildings

The convention center at the top level of the resort A high room with the best view The windows of the convention center are cleaned daily, even if they aren't used. The balcony across from our balcony, before dawn The funicular between the top and bottom of the resort. Part of a cooling, relaxing pond at the entrance to our room, with colorful Moroccan tiles.

The beach on the Red Sea

Part of the multi-level beach on the Red Sea One of the beach levels Gloria, with windsurfer, palms, and snorkelling dock. The Four Seasons' snorkelling & swimming dock.<br>As usual, there are dive boats on the horizon. When you're finished snorkelling, dry off with a fresh towel.<br> He's bringing more to the dock.

Shut down for the evening

Shut down for the evening.

Before dawn

The view from our balcony well before dawn, with the morning star Dawn is coming from Saudi to Egypt Nearly dawn over the Tiran Strait, Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, Egypt

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