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The Great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza

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Khufu's (Cheops) Great Pyramid
The only one remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Khufu's ( Cheops') Great Pyramid Two entrances to Khufu's pyramid The stones are big! The Great Pyramid in profile One of the A nice place to tour on a caleche

Near Khufu's Pyramid, his disinterred Solar Boat and other burial buildings.

Khufu took apart and buried full-sized ceremonial boats.  <br>One has been dug up, put back together and displayed in this building next to his pyramid. Khufu's Solar Boat In the tombs west of Khufu's pyramid are many smaller monuments.

Khufu, Khafra, and Menakura Pyramids

Khufu, Khafre, and Menakura Pyramids, with the Solar Boat building

Khafra's (or Khafre, Chephren) Pyramid
with facing stone remaining at the top
Pyramid of Khafre (Khafra, Chephren) Khafre's pyramid is recognizable by the facing stone that remains at the top. These colorful girls stopped us to have their picture taken with Gloria. Guards at work enforcing the A guard patrolling on camel.  Behind, a tourist and driver on another camel.

A viewing point
You can drive here to photograph the three pyramids lined up. After you learn how to fend off the camel drivers and souvenir sellers, it's fun to watch the other tourists negotiate, take fright on a camel ride, and amuse the vendors.
The view from the Viewing Point Two guards under a sun shield I'm keeping many tons of pyramid from flying off into the heavens.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx, from the right The Sphinx, from the gate in front The Sphinx, from the left The Sphinx, in profile Amusing his friends by posing with the Sphinx's head in his hands. Khafre carved out the Sphinx to guard the causeway from the Nile up to his pyramid.

The City at the edge

The Sphinx is just at the edge of Giza, a neighborhood of Cairo. The edge of the city The best view of the Sphinx and Pyramids? A better, final view from the 3d floor.

"This year ... at the foot of the Great Pyramids in Egypt, construction will begin on a $335 million museum, conservation center and conference center by the Dublin-based Heneghan Peng Architects, who beat out some 1,500 other applicants in one of the largest architectural competitions ever." - Virginia Gardiner, 2006-01-05, 'Dublin Design Poised to Break Out', New York Times, page F7, col. 2

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