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Dahshur and Saqqara (Sakkara)
Red and Bent pyramids of Sneferu
Step pyramid of Djoser

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Bent pyramid of Sneferu
The Bent Pyramid

Red Pyramid of Sneferu
The Red Pyramid, also built by Sneferu, Up to the entrance to the Red Pyramid View from the entrance, looking out View from the entrance.  It was nearly deserted The guards work 5 hour shifts on their camels The Red Pyramid is golden in the late afternoon sun

The desert at Saqqara

At Saqqara, the desert is closed! More pyramids in the distance, behind the sign that says Mule-driving Max

Funerary Complex of Djoser
in the desert at Saqqara
Djoser's Step Pyramid Max, trying to take a Pharaoh's formal pose The reconstructed ceremonial <em>heb-sed</em> area of Djoser's big complex

Mastaba Tombs of Mereruka and Kagemni
In the Mastaba Tomb of Mereruka, a man carries a porcupine in a basket Next door, in Kagemni's tomb, a baby piglet is lapping milk from the mouth of a swineherd, while
a servant holds a jar with more milk. Closeup of the man and pig Fishing with a net and line, from a papyrus boat

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