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Luxor - the West Bank

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Valleys of the Queens and Kings. The town with the nobles' Tombs

Valley of the Queens Valley of the Kings The tombs of the nobles are in the village of Old Gurna

Temple of Hatshepsut
in Deir El-Bahari
The Temple of Hatshepsut, framed by the cliffs Temple of Hatshepsut A collonade at Hatshepsut's temple

The Mortuary Temple of Rameses II
The Ramesseum, the Mortuary Temple of Rameses II Workers in the Ramesseum Some of the colossal statues of Rameses Ramesseum Shadows Archeologists are working at the Ramesseum The Ramesseum is too close to the Nile

Temple of Rameses III, in Medinet Habu

Crowds of schoolchildren at the Temple of Rameses III, in Medinet Habu Another view of the pylons Rameses III and wife The Ankh, symbol of life, holding the Was, symbol of power, in each hand. Above a doorway in Rameses III's temple, the sun god uses wings to protect us.

Houses and Tombs of the Workers, Deir El-Medina

Foundations of the houses of the workers Tomb 291, Nu & Newhatmin, with pyramid above

Ptolemaic Temple, Deir El-Medina

A Ptolemaic Temple, near Deir El-Medina The caretaker let me take photos inside the tomb The same scene, with flash.

The green Nile flood plain, with the dead mountains behind

The green Nile flood plain, with the dead mountains behind, and a town between A door at the Al Moudir

The Nile and the West Bank

Luxurious growth at the edge of the west bank of the Nile Felucca on the Nile The west bank in the early morning Early morning on the Nile, with balloon Sunset over the Nile

From Luxor, we went to Edfu and Aswan by convoy

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