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Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

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The entrance pylon, with sphinxes and tourists

The north end of the dromos (straight avenue) of the Sphinxes, <br>and the First Pylon, the entrance to the temple:

The Great Hypostyle Hall of 134 colossal columns

The capitals of the central columns in the Great Hypostyle Hall are bell-shaped open papyrus flowers, Engraved on the column:  Pharaoh giving feathers to ithyphalic (with an erection) god Min. The columns along the center axis are taller and heavier. The man standing at the bottom gives an idea of the immensity of the columns. Shadows on a November mid-day

Clerestory windows in the Hypostyle Hall

The remains of the clerestory windows that once let in the only light in the hall. A closeup of a clerestory window

Two views of a relief on a wall of the Hypostyle Hall

On a wall of the Hall, Pharaoh performs the <em>heb-set</em> jubilee ritual. Shadows

Obelisks, seen from the Hypostyle Hall

From the Hypostyle Hall, you can see an obelisk here . . . . . . and you can see two obelisks from here.

A colossal statue at the 8th pylon

One and a fraction Colossi, outside the 8th Pylon, to the south

Nearly at the far end of the Temple, the Festival Hall built by Thotmose III

In front of the Festival Hall of Thutmose III Looking back at the entrance from the Festival Hall of Thutmose III Nearby, Hatshepsut being purified by Thoth and Horus

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