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Luxor - the Temple
and some views from the Nile

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The dromos road from Karnak temple to Luxor temple

You can see that most of the dromos (straight avenue) from Karnak temple to Luxor temple is under the modern city


The entrance to Luxor Temple, through the First Pylon A fallen and head, with Max The complete Pylon has colossal statues, obelisks, niches for huge flagpoles, and reliefs. So much sand and fill accumulated that the mosque up there was built at ground level.


The famous <em>sema-tawi</em> scene on the side of Ramses' statue Gloria looks up, ignoring the Pharaoh with the scepter of <em>Was</em>, strength,  in one hand and the <em>Ankh </em> of life in the other. Heiroglyphs in raised relief. In this stone, one of many piled outside the temple, Pharaoh raises his hand in adoration of the god, who puts his arm on Pharaoh's shoulder in acceptance. Cut reliefs on one of the pillars.

The Pharaoh

Ramases II sits, almost whole though 3300 years old, among less-sturdy pillars. Two Rameses II stand among the pillars, while Gloria imitates the stance.

From the street

A view from the main street next to the temple. The guards, or caretakers, or would-be guides, aren't busy.

A felucca ride on the Nile

Gloria and the felucca boatman on the nile. Feluccas on the Nile, from our felucca

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