Pictures of the North coast of Crete

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Pahia Ammos. Two pictures of the resort, east of Ag Nik

Pahia Ammos (586x440, 76.7 kilobytes) Pahia Ammos (485x440, 79.9 kilobytes)

Lasithi Valley, Famous for its windmills.

A windmill in a cafe in the Lasithi Valley (330x440, 86.0 kilobytes) The Lasithi Valley is flat and reputedly verdant. (587x440, 96.2 kilobytes)

Iraklion (or Heraklion), Crete's capital

Iraklion booms at night.  This is the Kosmos cafe. (620x440, 93.4 kilobytes) Iraklion's Kosmos Cafe in daylight. (577x440, 98.5 kilobytes) <BR>- Iraklion -<BR>Ferries Leave - for ?<BR> (586x440, 81.8 kilobytes) <BR>- Iraklion -<BR>The harbor at night<BR> (685x440, 76.0 kilobytes)

Hania (or Chania), Crete's second, and older city, its former capital

<BR>- Hania -<BR>The Anaplous Restaurant<BR> (586x440, 95.7 kilobytes) <BR>- Hania -<BR>An door in the old city<BR> (292x440, 77.6 kilobytes) <BR>- Hania -<BR>A patched building in the naval base<BR> (430x440, 90.5 kilobytes) <BR>- Hania -<BR>The Renieri Gate<BR> (597x440, 93.3 kilobytes) <BR>- Hania -<BR>Streaky Sunset<BR> (586x440, 95.7 kilobytes)  - Hania - Sunset (583x440, 65.5 kilobytes)

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