Museums in Crete

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Archaeological Museum, Ayios Nikolaos (Ag Nik)

Goddess of Mirtos (354x440, 68.3 kilobytes) Praying woman -from the front (316x439, 86.3 kilobytes) Same woman from the side (330x440, 62.0 kilobytes) Roman Skull (424x440, 94.9 kilobytes)

Panagia Kira, near Kritsa
This way . . . (586x440, 94.2 kilobytes) Anne, mother of Mary (536x440, 79.2 kilobytes) St Anthony, I think. (426x440, 90.3 kilobytes)

Hania: Archeological Museum

Remains of a bust (357x440, 63.4 kilobytes) Venetian Lion in the courtyard (586x440, 85.3 kilobytes) A Minoan dog (586x440, 74.0 kilobytes) Aphrodite, Gloria's favorite (242x440, 53.0 kilobytes) A Minoan bowl, carved from stone (589x440, 73.6 kilobytes)

Iraklion (Heraklion) Architectural Museum

Golden Bee (330x440, 93.1 kilobytes) Snake Goddess (324x440, 60.6 kilobytes) Snake Goddess - closeup (505x440, 84.5 kilobytes) Golden Minoan cat (617x414, 87.3 kilobytes)

Posing with the Lily Prince

PosingAsMinoan (800x315, 65.5 kilobytes)

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