Rosemary Natalie Di Troia
Friends at the Baby Naming Ceremony
May 10, 2003

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Mellie Mellie

Jonathan and Amy
Jonathan Jon with Maria holding Rosie <br>(photo by John) Sarah, Jon, and Amy Amy

Mark, Julia, and Zach
Markholds Zach Zach, Mark, and Julia Zachary

Max entertained Zach while Mark and Julia took Lucy away.
Max bounces Zach Cheeky kid!

Lakshmi and Patrick
Patrick and Lakshmi

Maria holding Rosie #1 (photo by John) Maria holding Rosie #2 (photo by John) Maria holding Rosie #3 (photo by John)

Maria #1 Maria #2 Maria #3 Maria #4 Maria #5 Maria #6 Maria #7 Maria #8

Betty, Lucy, and The Bone of Contention
Lucy let Betty gnaw at the bone for a long time, but eventually they got into a big fight.

Elijah's Cup?
On our way to birthday dinner for John and Maria, we passed this cup.  It wasn't the one used in the ceremony.

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