Rosemary Natalie Di Troia
Baby Naming Ceremony - May 10, 2003

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John and Sarah lead the ceremony
John and Sarah read from the ceremony they wrote Rosie doesn't seem to agree with John and Sarah's thanks for the gift of new life. (photo by Mario)

Other participants
John's brother, Collin introduces the wine cup Rosie holds the program while John takes his turn drinking wine from the cup Godparents Maria and Jonathan wash Rosie's feet
Grandfather Joe pays tribute to Rosie's Great Grandmother, Rose Grandparents Joe Di Troia and Gloria Buten Jonathan reads on Self Reliance, while wife Amy listens Godmother Maria on The Gift of a Daughter Grandmother Susan read; neighbor Chris listened Zach looks at the program

Rosie - during and after the ceremony
Rosie Rosie, in Maria's lap (photo by John)  (photo by John) Rosie held by Susan (photo by John) Susan holds Rosie (photo by John)

She's not undernourished!
I hope she's at her fattest

Beautiful flowers and delicious cupcakes
Beautiful bright flowers Flowers and Cupcakes The cupcakes had delicious butter cream icing.  Which melted.

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