Singapore Zoo

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This is the best zoo I've ever seen. Beats the San Diego zoo and way ahead of America's First Zoo in Philadelphia. The animals are out where you can see them - no cages, just ditches - and there's no need for buildings to keep them warm in the winter. Though there are a few buildings specially to cool us humans with air conditioning if we need it.
   We went back for the night zoo, but didn't take any pictures in the dark. If you go at night, go early before the noise makes some of the animals hide.

Siamang Apes
Siamangs greeted us at the entrance, with their throat sacs blown up to make a log of noise.  LOUD! When we left the Siamangs had calmed down.

Monkeys: hamadryas baboons
Looks like the Planet of the Apes, but they're monkeys Adult Male snacking Mother and obviously male son Family of 5 (find the baby) hamadryas baboons

Looks like a turkey to me, but I think it isn't But I know this is a peacock Red bird no. 1 Better shot of the red bird Not a bird

Reptiles at the Singapore Zoo
Spiny-Tailed Agamid Spiny-Tailed Agamid on the alert for foreign photographers Nicely shiny frog.  Do the keepers have to wax him? a green snake Closeup of the green snake

Ruminants, zebras, and some crested birds
Three Cervidae (deer family) or at least Ruminatia Sure footed! Z is for Zebras - to mark the end of this page

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