Lipari, largest of the Aeolian islands

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Lipari on the map of Sicily (481x380, 102.6 kilobytes) A cruise ship, a ferry, a sailboat (554x484, 83.8 kilobytes)

Views of Lipari's Citadel
Lipari's Citadel, from the distant hills (682x500, 88.1 kilobytes) Lipari's Citadel and town (595x382, 43.7 kilobytes) Lipari's Citadel in the town (685x500, 90.5 kilobytes) Lipari Citadel and beyond (729x500, 82.5 kilobytes)

The cathedral cloister
Cathedral Cloister - Romanesque capital -  (667x500, 101.2 kilobytes) Cathedral Cloister - reused Greek and Roman columns (667x500, 94.1 kilobytes) Cathedral Cloister - a nice fluted column with flowered capital (375x500, 94.7 kilobytes)

Marina Corta, or Small Port
The Marina Corta, or old port, with Citadel behind (667x500, 89.8 kilobytes) The Marina Corta and beyond it the Hotel Carasco (418x500, 86.2 kilobytes)

Our Hotel, the Carasco
Hotel Carasco, at the end of the cove (770x469, 88.2 kilobytes) Hotel  Carasco with tanker bringing water from Naples (667x500, 91.3 kilobytes) Hotel Carasco at the end  (439x500, 92.8 kilobytes) Hotel Carasco - view from our room (375x500, 54.4 kilobytes) Hotel Carasco pool (667x500, 90.7 kilobytes)

North of Lipari is the site of Pumice mining
Pumice has been mined all along this peninsula (667x500, 70.6 kilobytes) White Pumice, blue sky, orange flowers (375x500, 95.6 kilobytes) Signs of the Pumice mines (680x500, 91.8 kilobytes) The orange and yellow flowers prevail here (386x500, 90.2 kilobytes) What makes them grow in the pumice? (667x500, 100.4 kilobytes) Cannetto is a prosperous town just before the pumice (375x500, 88.7 kilobytes)

A farewell to Lipari
Ready to leave Lipari (684x500, 99.2 kilobytes)

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