Aeolian Islands    ( Isole Eolie )

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Milazzo, gateway port to the Aeolian Islands
Map of Sicily, showing Milazzo and the Aeolian Islands (481x380, 102.7 kilobytes) Milazzo is the departure point for the Aeolians. (765x500, 82.6 kilobytes) Our ferry awaits.  The <i>Isola di Stromboli</i> is new and fast. (770x438, 83.5 kilobytes)

From Lipari, our base in the Aeolians, we took a day trip to Panarea and Stromboli
Our excursion boat, the Intrepido, passes the Formiche, off Panarea (681x475, 96.7 kilobytes) A hydrofoil, the Tiziano, near Panarea (619x431, 80.0 kilobytes) More of the dangerous islands off Panarea (770x500, 75.6 kilobytes)

Behind the black sand beach of Stromboli is Stombolicchio,  (770x500, 90.0 kilobytes) Between the Stromboli beach and Strombolicchio, dolphins were playing. (667x500, 96.9 kilobytes) The top of the Stromboli volcano was only briefly visible. (770x500, 76.0 kilobytes) We did have a nice dinner on Stromboli, at the Punta Lena (770x500, 96.6 kilobytes) The house on Stromboli where Ingrid Bergman stayed with Roberto Rossolini (667x500, 89.6 kilobytes) In questa casa dimori Ingrid Bergman che con Roberto Rossellini giro il film

Vulcano Island, from Lipari
Vulcano Island, with Etna just visible beyond it. (474x500, 83.4 kilobytes)

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