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Cefalù - - The Duomo: Gold Mosaic Apse
Map of Sicily showing the location of Cefalù (481x380, 103.1 kilobytes) Cefalù Cathedral Apse - Christ Pantocreator (375x500, 103.2 kilobytes) Apse - a closeup (674x500, 100.1 kilobytes)

More pictures of the Duomo
A lion, on the huge baptismal font (667x500, 88.8 kilobytes)

Piazza del Duomo
Duomo Steeples (667x500, 93.3 kilobytes) Duomo (325x500, 88.1 kilobytes) And napping on the front steps . . . (407x500, 98.6 kilobytes) Behind the cat, that's a 17th century seminary (327x500, 89.9 kilobytes)

Other buildings on the Piazza del Duomo
Entrance Arch to a building on the piazza (356x500, 88.8 kilobytes) Houses across the street from the Duomo (332x500, 93.8 kilobytes)

Santuario di Gibilmanna - the side altar
Gibilmanna Altar (375x500, 93.1 kilobytes) On either side of the base are two of the best Mannerist sculptures I've ever seen (375x500, 86.3 kilobytes) This one on the right is even better. (655x500, 95.5 kilobytes)

Santuario del Gibilmanna - the museum
The museum in Gibilmanna, behind the church, has this Sicilian cart. (667x500, 103.8 kilobytes) This cart is probably more ornate than the typical, with carvings as well as painting. (667x500, 102.9 kilobytes) A closeup of the Sicilian Cart in Gibilmanna (667x500, 88.7 kilobytes)

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