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Taormina is high above the coast
The coast to the north (667x500, 86.5 kilobytes) Taormina - from the Greek theater - with fort on the next crag (680x500, 91.6 kilobytes)

The coast south of our hotel room

The south coast in the sun (735x500, 85.7 kilobytes) South coast in a storm (667x500, 90.0 kilobytes) Clouds over the sea, after the storm (667x500, 78.9 kilobytes)

Taormina's Greek Theater
Used every summer
Greek Theater (667x500, 93.1 kilobytes) This was the day for setting up the stage of the Greek theater for this season's productions. (667x500, 91.9 kilobytes) GreekTheater - a doorway  (319x500, 87.7 kilobytes)

Other sights in Taormina

Lady Florence Trevelyan's Ruin on Corso Umberto, the main street (372x500, 91.6 kilobytes) A Smart Car, smartly parked on Via Bagnoli Croci, one of Taormina's narrow lanes.  It ends in a stairway. (667x492, 94.1 kilobytes)

A wedding at San Giuseppe

San Giuseppe Church, with skull and bones at the top. (400x500, 87.1 kilobytes) San Giuseppe has a second set of skull and bones, over this inscription: (368x500, 89.5 kilobytes) After many guests walked to the church,  the bride arrived by car. (423x500, 98.4 kilobytes) Onlooking tourists gawked. (773x471, 90.0 kilobytes)

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