Mount Etna

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Mt Etna located on the map of Sicily
Etna marked on the map of Sicily (481x380, 104.1 kilobytes)

Looking up to the 3350 meter peak from the Refugio Sapienza at 1800 meters
The peak (and much of Sicily) was crawling with Alpinists, Gli Alpini, gathered for the Adunata Nazionale degli Alpini 75a. (75th National assembly of the Alpinists). Mostly men not in shape for climbing the Alps, out for a good time - lots of drinking and eating, but also choral singing, visiting Sicily's tallest mountain, and a big parade in Catania the next day.
Alpinists contemplate the peak (667x500, 81.4 kilobytes) Alpinists climb or tramp up and down (780x427, 89.0 kilobytes) You can take a bus from Sapienza most of the way to the peak (667x500, 94.9 kilobytes)

The caldera across the road from Sapienza
Across the road there's a classic caldera (780x447, 104.5 kilobytes) Gloria poses on the rim of the caldera (700x500, 81.5 kilobytes) Max also poses (336x500, 84.4 kilobytes)

Etna from the northeast
This face has trees in the areas where there lava flow hasn't been recent. (667x500, 77.3 kilobytes) Etna seen from Taormina after a rain storm -  (667x500, 97.2 kilobytes)

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