Siracusa    (Syracuse)

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Siracusa located - - Ortygia, island site of the first settlement
Siracusa in RED on the map of Sicily Manifestazione (674x500, 87.7 kilobytes) Ortygia was crowded with schoolchildren on field trips. (636x500, 99.7 kilobytes)

The Duomo (cathedral)
Duomo (325x500, 100.2 kilobytes) Duomo (375x500, 90.8 kilobytes) Silver altar in the Duomo (695x500, 99.6 kilobytes) Silver Virgin in the Duomo (493x500, 98.4 kilobytes)

Other sites in Ortygia
I was surprised to see the Star of David on this church (389x500, 91.8 kilobytes) Fancy stonework on one of the churches (667x500, 96.3 kilobytes) A door in the via Vittorio Veneto, a section that is just beginning to be fixed up. (353x500, 95.4 kilobytes) Nice crest on this building (697x450, 94.3 kilobytes) Loved this sculpture wrapped around the corner of the bank at the corner of Via della Maestranza. (383x500, 94.2 kilobytes) A meeting room in the Senate building (667x500, 84.9 kilobytes) The port which divides the island of Ortygia from mainland Siracusa. (603x500, 91.2 kilobytes)

Mainland Siracusa

Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi
(Archeological Museum)

In the Archeological Museum, a lady (370x500, 86.2 kilobytes) Archeologic0325Duotone (394x500, 54.9 kilobytes) Venus Anadyomene (401x499, 88.9 kilobytes)

Sanctuario della Madonna delle Lacrime
Sanctuario0327 (310x500, 76.4 kilobytes) Sanctuario0337 (413x500, 82.5 kilobytes) SanctuarioMillennia0331 (342x500, 100.5 kilobytes)

Parco Archeologico della Neapolis (Greek and Roman Archeology)
Theater0330 (667x500, 90.9 kilobytes) TheaterRightArm0328 (706x500, 93.5 kilobytes) Orecchio di Dionisio (Dionysius' Ear) (256x500, 63.0 kilobytes)

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