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Ho Chi Minh City - ( Saigon )
February 2007

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Traffic and Pollution
Crowds of motorcycles (the dominant mode of transport) create problems walking, driving, breathing.
The congested motorcycle/scooter/motorbike/bicycle traffic The Well Dressed Motorist The Saigon River in the smog of a weekday afternoon The SaigonRiver on Sunday Morning

On the Street
The lower class lives on the cheap
On the street: a vendor of fruit and prawns On the street - actually on a tiny stool Baking savory cakes in a muffin-tin-like charcoal fired pan Who will clear the In the  Binh Tay market and here in the surrounding streets, there's a thriving wholesale market Loading trash outside the An Dong II market A wired street scene Shades for the granddaughter

Entertainment - a few days before Tet
Outside An Dong market in Chinatown
MC of the Omo company's entertainment Two-man dragon in red and spangles The dragon rears One Omo dragon climbs on the big Omo ball The masked man tries to climb the ball He's up!  Is his friend paddling him or fanning? Of course, there's a long and slinky dragon for Tet Animating the dragon

More Tet Scenes

For the Year of the Pig, a piggy bank Taking a photo with the plastic Disneycharacters And I get my banal souvenir photo too.

The year of the dog, near its end, is auspicious for weddings because there is an extra month and two beginnings of spring.
There's a rush to marry before Tet.  The current year is better because there are two beginnings of spring and 13 full moons, for the first time since 1944. Another wedding just across the street. The wedding party is dressed up, but not the guests.

The city decorates for Tet
It seemed like they wouldn't get done in time
Flowers are delivered to decorate the street for Tet Nguyen Hue, a boulevard leading to the Ho statue and City Hall 3 days before the holiday, this section is ready. Down the street there are huts and statues under construction. A bridge with the Hotel de Ville in the background. Pinwheels in place for Tet.

Ho Chi Minh statue and the Hotel de Ville

Ho Chi Minh statue in front of the French Hotel de Ville Hotel de Ville Tower Hotel de Ville at night Bright Lights Hanging out down the street from Ho and the Hotel de Ville

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral Window of the Cathedral Nave of the Notre Dame Cathedral Mary in Neon - the Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon, Vietnam

Main Post Office

The main post office looks like it was converted from a train station The Post Office looks like a train station inside too, but there are no tracks to be found. Soviet style statues flank the entrance to the post office.

Jade Emperor Pagoda, Ngoc Hoang
"It's the Jade Emperor who monitors entry into Heaven." - The Rough Guide to Vietnam
At the Jade Emperor Pagoda, one of his keepers of Heaven guards the entrance with an axe. The Jade Emperor Pagoda is crammed with statues, circa 1900 Jade Emperor Pagoda Jade Emperor Pagoda, with incense and lamps Jade Emperor Pagoda Jade Emperor Pagoda Outside the Jade Emperor Pagoda

Swimming Pool Scenes
at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel
Sheraton Saigon Hotel Pool Swimming at the Sheraton pool Same photo of a swimmer at the Sheraton, but tighter crop

Fine Arts Museum

The Fine Arts Museum, in 3 languages Interior court of the Fine Arts Museum The mixed scene from the top floor: 19th, 20th, 21st centuries This head looks Egyptian to me Original ceramic decoration at the back of the Fine Arts Museum On the outside porch, this fine cubist statue

Kala - in Saigon, Cambodia, and Bali
The kala - a jawless monster commanded by the gods to devour his own body. It originated in Java. (from Footprint Cambodia Handbook)
Vietnamese Kala - in the Fine Arts Museum Another Vietnamese kala in the Fine Arts Museum A Kala at Banteay Srei, outside Angkor Wat, Cambodia Kala at Pengulman (PuraPuseh),  Batuan, Bali, Indonesia

Dinners . . .

Dinner at Nam Phan: Fish Salad Dinner at Nam Phan: Goi Ca Song Clong Gloria under the lights, outside at Nam Phan Elephant Fish at Square One in the Park Hyatt Saigon

. . . and a snack

Gloria has a Smoothie at the Cafe Terrace

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