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Ban Thinh Market
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.
A huge and busy retail market a few blocks from the center of town, surrounded by stores and sidewalk hawkers.

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Dozens of shoe stalls at one end of the market, along with "brand name" handbags, souvenirs, sunglasses, and other non-foods
Gloria's eyes hurt for searching for shoes In the middle of a long day selling shoes

Baskets and Muc Tam

A basket store The baskets come from the manufacturer in bundles of 36 Back inside the market, there are several stalls selling Muc Tam.  I have no idea what it is.

Some of the food vendors
The foods are separated from the drygoods by rows of restaurant stalls.
At noon, the rush is over, so this meat vendor is resting her feet. While this woman chops with a cleaver as her customer watches. Gutting a fish Showing a customer that the Jumping Shrimp really do jump Cutting ice for the fish and meat vendors

Some of the photogenic foods

Trays of fish on the floor, ready to take home and wash thoroughly before cooking Cockles?  Little Clams? Pigs Feet The ears are also shiny bright. Just a few of the exotic vegetables

One view of the An Dong market, in the Chinese section

A spice or candy stall in An Dong market, in the Chinese section

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