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The High Place of Sacrifice - and - The Monastery
Jebel Madhbah to the south
Ed Deir to the north

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Jebel Madhabah, the High Place of Sacrifice
The Nabateans made their sacrifices on top of the surrounding mountains.
The High Place of Sacrifice A far corner of the valley way below Max and Gloria against the swirling rocks The ancient creature behind us is a lion The trail down is mostly new and regular A tomb - later, like most tombs, used as a house. The same tomb/house The Garden Triclinium, looking out from the Garden Triclinium Roman Soldier Tomb, from its Triclinium

Al-Dayr, or Ed Deir
A Nabatean Triclinium, later a Monastery
 It was a temple or banqueting room for the Nabateans; . The Monastery, magnificent near the top of the mountains Get an idea of the size from the woman standing in front of the doorstep.

Scenes from the steep descent from The Monastery
Climbing up was just as steep; harder but not as scary.
On the right, one of the dozen vendors on the trail to The Monastery It looks like a little house, but it's just an outcropping of rock. Gloria ignores the view as she descends. pausing for the view - or for me to catch up Near the bottom, a sign of civilization
After this climb at the far end of Petra, we hiked back to our hotel by moonlight.

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