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Wadi Rum - in Jordan

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A full day trip from Petra, by taxi. In Wadi Rum our guide, Aodah, drove us everywhere.
I couldn't keep track of where we went, so the pictures are in the order in which I took them.

3954 3958 3961 3962 3963 3964

3965 The same photo, oversharpened.  See the aura around the central rock.

The only one of three rock bridges that's small enough to photograph. 3971 3972 3975 3976 3978 3980

Rock drawings

pre-historic drawings pre-historic drawings and modern graffiti

3984 3987 3988 3990

Our driver, Aodeh Zlabeh, was recommended by Ruth's Jordan, an excellent site for Wadi Rum and all Jordan.

Aodeh_3985 Gloria with Aodeh Zlabeh

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