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Lake Nasser, the Nile above the Aswan High Dam

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We took a three day cruise on this ship, M.S. Eugenie

M.S. Eugenie, our cruise ship for 3 days

Our first field trip, before we even left the dock in Aswan.

The <em>Monument to Friendship between the Soviet Union and Egypt</em> Achmed, our guide Temple of Kertassi Pylon entrance to Kalabsha The dining room is only a foot above the water.

Second day: Wadi El Sebua

The Temple of Wadi el-Sebua Camels, with the Temple of Dakka Who is that on the camel? I ride off to the next temple Pharaoh as a child, with goddess Hathor

Temple of Dakka and Meharaqqa

<br>Temple of Dakka Temple Shadows Leaving the temples

Lake Nasser

Composition with cruise ships, blue lake, red and brown desert, and camels Just the lake and the desert, with the odd temple and visitors The beginning of farming along Lake Nasser

Third day: Amada, Derr, Penout

We're taken ashore by launch Amada Temple Empty desert:  tire tracks, two tourists Guard at the Temple of Derr Pharaoh, with tree - late antique and lively

Evening Photos

One of the Eugenie's launches Sunset, moon and star from the rooftop pool of the Eugenie This creature waits on our bed to wish us a last good night on our cruise.
In the afternoon and evening we visited Abu Simbel

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