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Abu Simbel

Nubia, the area of the Nile upstream from (south of) the First Cataract (at Aswan). It was all flooded when the Aswan High Dam was built in 1960-64. Most of the people were moved to Edfu, while Abu Simbel and other ancient temples were moved to higher elevations.

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Rameses II's temples for himself and his queen, Nefertari

From our cruise ship you can see the temples' artificial setting Rameses Temple Nefertari Temple On the left is the best of four immense statues of Rameses

Inside Rameses' temple, where photos are not allowed

Inside Rameses' Temple, Gloria stands before the relief. On the papyrus boat is the goddess Hathor, in the form of a cow. On Rameses' birthday and coronation day, the sun shines through the temple onto the statues at the back. Behind Max are some of Rameses' securely tied captives. Max, holding an <em>Ankh,</em> poses as an Osirid statue.

The Sound & Light Show
Nefertari's temple: Alternating colossal statues of Rameses and Nefertari.
On Nefertari's temple, lit by the Sun & Light show, four statues of her husband, only two of her Nefertari's temple, dramatically lit

Rameses Temple
during the Sound & Light
The audience, lit by a flash camera, in contrasting color  to Rameses' temple The finale, with Rameses' wife, mother, sons and daughters lit up  looking like candles Rameses with wife and daughters

Early the next morning we flew to Cairo

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