Southwest Crete - Coast & Mountains

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We stayed in the penthouse of the Kiknos apartment in Kalamaki, north of Matala. (447x440, 106.0 kilobytes) On our huge deck in Kalamaki, a cocktail at sunset. (587x440, 89.4 kilobytes) Kalamaki - the golden ocean at sunset, as seen thru the crenellations of our roof deck. (330x550, 109.4 kilobytes)


Spili - a mountain crossroads town with so much water that they have a dozen public fountains. (450x440, 90.6 kilobytes) Spili (321x440, 78.5 kilobytes)

Environs of Plakias

Kurtaliokio Gorge - <i>en route</i> to Plakias (330x440, 103.6 kilobytes) Skinaria - east of Plakias - beach and mountain ranges. (800x430, 93.5 kilobytes) We swam and had lunch at the Libyan Star taverna. Thanks to Captain Barefoot for pointing us to this beach. Gloria at lunch at a taverna on Amoudi beach, east of Plakias (337x439, 82.7 kilobytes) Max self-portrait at lunch on Amoudi beach, east of Plakias. (587x440, 104.0 kilobytes)


Frangokastello - Beach Umbrellas, Fort, Mountains.  Cloudy and windy - not a good beach day. (749x550, 104.3 kilobytes)

Ilingas Gorge

The Ilingas Gorge, just west of Hora Sfakion (587x440, 95.6 kilobytes) Ilingas Gorge - all this rock washed down in last December's deluge. (325x440, 89.9 kilobytes) We stayed at the Ilingas Pension, isolated between gorge and mountains. (587x440, 94.2 kilobytes) Moonlit ferry, from our balcony in the Ilingas Pension (587x440, 89.5 kilobytes)


We didn't get off the ferry at Loutro, but it looked great. (587x440, 89.0 kilobytes)

A chapel in the hills - for goats?

In the mountains, near Strovles, we passed this chapel.  Plenty of goats waiting by the chapel and at the road to be fed, but not a person to be seen. (492x440, 85.4 kilobytes) The

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