A side trip to the Peloponnese

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We flew from Hania to the new Athens airport, which is a mess!

Auto Europe's office at the new Athens airport (530x420, 95.8 kilobytes)


Corinth - the Temple of Apollo, the Town, the Bay, the Mountains (605x440, 84.0 kilobytes) Corinth - Gloria in the ancient temple.  Each column is made from single piece of stone, not assembled from Corinth - Another angle on the temple of Apollo. (352x440, 80.4 kilobytes) Corinth - in the museum (961x1348, 582.3 kilobytes)

Nemea, site of the Nemean Games

Nemea - where restoration is financed by Greeks and others from Los Angeles.  Three columns from the temple of Zeus never fell; many of the others are to be re-erected. (1569x1032, 538.0 kilobytes) Nemea - The adjacent museum is modern, with movie showing runners in the starting gate for a race.  In togas, which is not authentic - they raced nude. (330x440, 71.2 kilobytes)

"Mycenae was the main centre of the Mycenaean world, and gave its name to a period and a civilisation that evolved throughout the entire Greek world between th 16th and 12th c. BC and spread to all the know sites of this period in the Mediterranean basin.". . . tourist brochure.
True; lots of Mycenean stuff in the Crete museums.

Mycenae - entrance to one of the Mycenae - Gloria at the Lion Gate, the main entrance to the palace. (587x440, 96.9 kilobytes) Mycenae has a commanding view (587x440, 86.0 kilobytes)

Epidaurus: A tour guide demonstrated the wonderful acoustics of the ancient ampitheater, still in use. Unfortunately, the sound doesn't photograph well.

Epidaurus: In the museum was this ornate and well-preserved Corinthinan capital, which was the model to copy for the temples. (755x550, 89.2 kilobytes)

We stayed in Nafplio. It was crowded with weekenders from Athens.

Nafplio - Our Pension is above town, with the 16th century fort behind it. (512x440, 82.1 kilobytes) Nafplio Sunset - the finale to our trip. (587x440, 70.1 kilobytes)

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