Minoan Sites in Crete

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Gournia - just off the coast road, east of Ayios Nikolaous. The best-preserved Minoan town, which means there are half-height walls . . . (587x440, 84.8 kilobytes) . . . and stairs. (630x440, 89.6 kilobytes)


Lato - Minoan town with a defensive location up in the mountains, with big views of the Gulf of Miarabello and Ayios Nikolaos. (631x440, 94.0 kilobytes) Lato views include the valley and more mountains. (587x440, 103.2 kilobytes) At Lato, there's stairs and a deep storage cellar. It's near the modern tourist town of Kritsa. (613x440, 100.8 kilobytes)


Festos -Entrance to the palace. The old stairway on the left was buried when the new stairway to the right was built 3700 years ago. (608x440, 100.6 kilobytes)


Knossos - The largest, most reconstructed, and most famous Minoan palace. Gloria poses with a late 19th century concrete pillar in the style of 3500 years earlier. (633x440, 100.9 kilobytes) Knossos - Max is real, the fresco is a reproduction. (441x440, 102.8 kilobytes) Above the north entrance to Knossos is a portico covering a Bull Relief. It's a favorite target of photographers. (587x440, 94.2 kilobytes)

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