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From December 1998 (taken with old camera)
1998Sarah1 (640x480, 83.6 kilobytes) 1998Sarah2a (516x480, 87.6 kilobytes) 1998Sarah3 (375x478, 50.8 kilobytes) 1998Sarah4 (640x480, 99.3 kilobytes) 1998Sarah8 (489x477, 97.9 kilobytes)

May 2001

2001-05-14A (369x492, 76.7 kilobytes) 2001-05-14B (656x492, 84.6 kilobytes)

December 2001 - two visits to Sarah at the Abramson Center

2001-12-100JohnSarah8404 (733x550, 81.7 kilobytes) 2001-12Laughing4408254 (684x440, 91.7 kilobytes) 2001-12MaxSarah4408243 (800x425, 96.7 kilobytes) 2001-12MaxSarah8409 (733x550, 95.0 kilobytes)

2001-12Sarah4408228 (466x440, 87.3 kilobytes) 2001-12Sarah4408230 (432x440, 74.3 kilobytes) 2001-12Sarah4408231 (514x440, 103.9 kilobytes) 2001-12Sarah4408240 (351x440, 88.4 kilobytes)

2001-12Sarah8363 (733x550, 91.3 kilobytes) 2001-12Sarah8373 (699x550, 79.0 kilobytes) 2001-12Sarah8402 (582x550, 93.9 kilobytes) 2001-12Sarah8403 (531x550, 74.0 kilobytes) 2001-12SarahAlexaGloria (733x550, 86.5 kilobytes)

2001-12SarahCollin4408234 (693x440, 85.8 kilobytes) 2001-12SarahCollin4408257 (530x440, 96.3 kilobytes) 2001-12SarahCortney4408253 (469x440, 89.6 kilobytes) 2001-12SarahCortney4408264 (587x440, 86.2 kilobytes)

The bathing beauties

SarahBathing3 (400x492, 79.3 kilobytes)

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